Donna Karan & Urban Zen At Amaree's

Monday...Yeah it's usually that day of the week that most dread. However, not this past one which was spent with the iconic designer Donna Karan! Donna Karan made an appearance at the gorgeous A'maree's located in Newport Beach. I'd equate A'maree's to a unicorn, as I've only heard stories of how stylish and chic both the clothes and decor are. So then I walk in and ...It's almost as if you've been transported to another country, think St. Tropez. Yachts docked outside, racks of Rick Owens, double platform Sacai sandals, Celine fringed runway coats, and that's just the beginning! I had the pleasure of being the date of San Diego's fashion governor (unofficial but official) Joann Jack.  Sidenote: Joann shows up in Isabel Marant (Birkenstock style) sandals, just another reason why I fucking love her, she IS FASHION! Donna Karan gracing SoCal in any capacity would have been plenty for me, but she talked about her newest line, Urban Zen. The message, or philosophy rather, behind the line is "a model of philanthropy and commerce, founded by Donna Karan to create, connect and collaborate to raise awareness and inspire change". Fashion with a purpose...Nothing better!