T.G.I.F (Tacos Get Inhaled on Friday’s)

What better way to kick off the weekend and last day of May than with tacooooooos?! An afternoon at City Tacos resulted in a full grin and an even more full belly. Just like a house, the most important part of these delights are the foundation aka the tortilla. City Tacos has the tastiest and freshest shells around making each bite wonderfully delicious. As of late, I’ve been on this huge surf and turf kick so that’s where I began. The steak was so tender and well seasoned accompanied by the juiciest of shrimp. The avocado and white sauce only added to this Friday #nomnom moment. For those trying to cut back on the red meat be sure to face plant into their pollo asado taco. One bite into the diced chicken, guacamole, and lettuce & you’ll be screaming YAAAAASSSSS! Be sure to add City Tacos into your rotation this summer.

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